Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My daily intake

What's for Breakfast (9am)
2 pieces of weetbix
3/4 glass of low fat milk with 3 strawberry
1/2 a teaspoon of honey,

What's for lunch? (12.15pm)
3 whitemushroom (sliced)
3 eggwhite (no yolks)
70gm of chicken breast
1 white onions

1)Grill the chicken breast on a non stick pan with no oil (marinate it with parpikar and white basil and put it aside,add abit of lemon juice)
2)Stir the white onions to brown it (medium fire)
add the mushroom to stir fried it together add the eggs white..
Turn it over till both side is slightly brown
then add the chicken to bring it all together (this is the part when i will break the egg into big pieces just to stir fried it together..
Season with slight pinch of salt
(just alittle bit, DO NOT PUT ALOT IF NOT U ARE F%$#)

NOTE: I use a non stick pan to cook..
If you do not have one.. Just add in 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil to cook the eggs
I just grill the chicken without oil.

Snack between 1pm to 4pm
1 pieces of green apples
Follow in between if you feel like snacking, what i will do is to carry with me around
in a small containers 12 almonds.
I snack on 4-4-4nos, meaning i snack on 4 each time after a hours of eating a proper lunch.. But its not my routine sometimes i snack on it the minute i feel the itch in my mouth. Heehee.. But as long i stick to 12 almonds a day
Note: Only plain roasted almond (pls do not get the one with sugar or salt. Just plain roasted)


  1. Oh gosh Marilyn.. I really admire u for this... I just don't have this kind of discipline.... I eat everything!

  2. Thank Marilyn for the tips..I admire you!!You are so open to share the tips with us..More tips please....